Training Groups


We meet three times a week and work on building a foundation of fitness as well as focus on drills that not only improve running, but overall athleticism. We also have cycles during the year where we work on strength and core. 


Meeting between three and six times a week, the competitive group gets in longer runs and starts focusing on things like racing tactics, goal setting, and pacing. These athletes will race between a few and several times a year depending on what other interests they have in their life.


Elite team members have six opportunities to run per week although many will elect not to come to all of them. The elite team learns advanced racing tactics and focuses on competition at the highest level. Some elite members will travel out of state five or more times per year to run at national and regional championships. Elite high school members receive help in finding college opportunities that match their academic and athletic goals.

Tesseract Seasons:

Cross Country:
Sep 1 - Dec 1 
Winter : (Track Base or Indoor Competitive)
Dec 1 - Mar 1
Spring: (Track or Summer Track Base):

Mar 1 - Jun1
Summer: (XC Base or Summer Track)
Jun 1 - Sep 1 
All Competitive seasons include championship meets even if they spill over into a new season. 

Primary contact:

Head Coach:
Peter Oviatt


Practice Time and Location...

Practices are built around current members until we get enough to establish a pattern. Check in with coach Oviatt for current schedule. 

Tesseract Running 

​​We practice year round:

All practices are optional and we want athletes to find a schedule that meets their goals as well as fits into the rest of their life.


We have a flexible fee structure to meet the needs of any athlete. 

$200 Basic,
$250 Elite/Competitive

10 Practices $250 (1 Year to use)

Basic: $500
Competitive/Elite :$600

We do not want any opportunity to participate to be missed due to finances. if there is an issue with the club fee, please contact us to discuss reduced fees.