Tesseract Running Club


Year Round Training

Very few young athletes run 12 months a year but they don't all take the same time off. For this reason, we meet all year and let people choose when they want to be runners. Some of our athletes do train all year so we are available to them as well. 

Who we are:

Since 2009, Tesseract Running Club has been a haven for runners of all abilities in Whatcom and Skagit counties, from beginner to elite, ages 7 to 50+, sprinters to distance runners. We participate in many of the local road and track races, in the state Junior Olympic competition, and our top runners compete at the regional and national level. We practice on the track and the trails, on the flats and in the mountains. If you run, you've seen us around town!

In the last six years, Tesseract runners have excelled at the highest levels, winning local middle school meets, high school state championships, placing high at national championships, and one even set a World Record!

During Cross Country season of 2016, Tesseract alumni ran as the number one runners on seven of eight Bellingham teams (the four Bellingham schools, girls and boys teams taken into account.) 

Our Philosophy

Especially at younger ages, we are at our best when we enjoy ourselves. Running can be hard work but even that work can be enjoyable. Tesseract Running Club follows the philosophy of the most successful youth sports programs and coaches from around the country and allows each athlete to choose his or her own commitment level. Our coaches help athletes learn how various goals will require different levels of work and how to choose where they want to fit on that spectrum. We smile as much as we sweat!

Professional Coaching:

Our coaches are the only local running coaches certified and credentialed by USATF, the governing body of Track and Field, Cross Country, Long Distance Running, and Road Racing. Head Coach Peter Oviatt has been coaching youth runners since 1986 and has worked with top athletes and coaches around the United States. Oviatt started coaching Olympian Donn Cabral, when Cabral was a Freshman in high school and still consults with him on "one-percenters such as resistance training. In 2016, Oviatt spent three weeks in Flagstaff, Arizona supervising the altitude training of The New Jersey/ New York Track Club leading up to the United States Olympic Trials, where Oviatt served as an official coach.

Coach Oviatt has worked with over 50 athletes who have gone on to compete at the collegiate level and even more who have chosen to keep running a part of their lives long after their competitive days are behind them.